Project Description

(i dreamt of the) blue lobster

Inspired by the sea, John Carozza’s ethereal paintings offer glimpses of worlds beneath the surface, his canvases richly layered, scraped, painted and washed until an image emerges. It is an aesthetic John, who also lectures at the Queensland Academy of Creative Industries, has been developing for nearly 25 years.

Blue Lobster also features mixed media artist Tanja Stark’s intriguing ceramic sculptures the Sublime Vessels. Hand built in porcelain and earthenware, these archetypal forms are infused with curves intuitively forming spines and sails, flowing across hidden chambers that seem to exude the rhythms of life.

The exhibition evokes a sense of beauty, strength, vulnerability and transcendence, echoing one of natures rarest creatures, the almost mythic blue lobster as it transforms itself again and again under the liquid sea