Smart.  Beautiful.  Photography.

At Starburst Images, we pride ourselves on delivering smart, beautiful images that exceed our customer’s expectations.

We’re extremely passionate about what we do, from meeting with our clients, capturing the moments and delivering our vision.  We do this by taking the time to understand each and every client and investing time to ensure they get what they want.  We just happen to take great photos in doing so.

Meet the Team

Scott SmithPrincipal Photographer / Owner
Scott has been behind the camera for over 5 years, and has developed his own unique style of photography. He loves portraiture, as well as landscapes and even animal portraits! He has been described by his clients as awesome, very unobtrusive, and a ninja.
Jody SmithPhotographer / Artistic Director
Jody has a true eye for detail, studies how the light shapes a scene and constantly pushes the boundaries to get just the right shot. Jody has a background in painting and portraiture, which she brings to every shoot.

Great!  You’re still here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos so far.  As an additional service, we also have our own unique photo booth called Snapbooth!  Click on the logo just to your right and go have a look.  Trust me, it’s worth it!